Testing & Inspection Request

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We test security and safety from every point of view

Main Test Items
Physical Tests

Physical Properties Tests

  • Hardness Tests (Rockwell, Barcol, Durometer, etc.)
  • Tensile, Bending and Compressive Tests (Universal Testing Machine, etc.)
  • Impact Tests (Izod, Charpy, Puncture, etc.)
  • Thermal Properties Tests (TMA, DSC, Heat Deflection Temperature, Vicat Softening Temperature, etc.)
  • Low-Temperature Tests (Cold Resistance, Brittle Temperature, Clash-berg Softening Temperature, etc.)
  • Gas Barrier Tests (Gas-Transmission, etc.)
  • Combustion Tests (Oxygen Index, Calorific Value, Combustion Gas, FMVSS, UL-94, etc.)

Optical and Weathering (Light) Tests

  • Light Transmittance (Total Light, Parallel Light, Diffused Light, haze, etc.) / Accelerated (Weathering (Light)) / Weather-o-meter (Xenon, Sunshine, UV, etc.)
  • Structual Analysis (Scanning Electro Microscope)

Electrical Properties Tests

  • Dielecric Strength / Insulation Resistance / Inductivity Electromaginetic Wave Shield

Tests under Toy Safety (ST) Standard

  • Tests under the Standeard of The Japan Toy Association (Part 1 : Mechanical and Physical Properties, Prat 2 : Flammability, Part 3 : Chemical Properties)

Main Test Items
Chemical Tests

Physics-chemistry Analysis

  • Elemental Analitsis (Inductivery Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrophotometer, Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescences Spectrometer)
  • Structural Analysis (Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer)
  • Consituent Analysis (Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Ion Chromatograph)
  • Molecular Mass Analysis (Gel Permeation Chromatograph)
  • Total Organic Carbon Analysis (Total Organic Carbon Analyzer)

Anti-microbial Tests

  • Ainti-microbial
  • Fungus resistance